StarSignal: A Galaxy Beyond

StarSignal: A Galaxy Beyond is an indie space RPG game project aimed at delivering a hardcore story-driven experience, paying its tributes to games like Star Control 2, Starflight and Mass Effect.

Shelved by Koobismo back in 2010 due to serious budgeting problems and a lack of experienced programming support, the StarSignal space exploration roleplaying game refuses to die away, coming back to life as an official project of Koobismo’s Workshop! Our goal is to continue the game’s pre-production while gathering the resources required to produce the engine and fill it up with all the classy assets StarSignal needs.

The game is intended to be a mixture of the new and the old, wrapped inside a simple but elegant presentation and a breathtakingly epic story. In Koobismo’s own words (from one of his journal updates): “I did work on something I’m still proud of, even though it ended up in a freezer. Ever since I started working as a game designer, an idea of a sci-fi space RPG has been circling around my gingerish head… Something indie, low-budget, but stylish, with gameplay elements and complexity considered too old-fashioned for today’s shooter crowd. (…) The game was meant to be pretty simple in presentation (a 2d view in a style similar to what you know from my comics), but it would hopefully make up for it by being a true labor of love.

The story was centered around the commander of HFS Prometheia, the first Human Federation starship to achieve FTL. During its test flight, things go awry – a seemingly random signal coming from deep space interferes with Prometheia’s FTL engines and the ship is forced to make a blind jump… Far beyond the Milky Way.

Now, trapped in an alien and unforgiving galaxy on the other side of the universe, players scramble to save their ship and crew, averting one crisis after another, building relationships and even alliances with some of the encountered species and doing their best to find a way back home. Prometheia is the true alien in this universe, the ambassador for humanity in a place where humans never have been seen before, having to explore, discover and make use of a cobweb of alien deals and hostilities, quickly becoming the true maverick in a galaxy-wide game of pawns and queens… Only to discover that a terrible shift is coming, announced by an indecipherable signal from beyond the stars.

A revised, modified concept will be introduced in the freshly unfrozen version of StarSignal, currently in the works.

Planned project features:

A complex space opera story, inspired by the classics of science-fiction and touching upon the themes of enslavement, freedom, free will and agency – in a truly galactic scale.

An original universe, entangled in a web of poisonous connections, two-faced politics, oblivious idealists and a mysterious influence from beyond.

A true roleplaying experience, with all the stats, traits, damage counters, upgrades and robust dialogue trees you can handle.

Diverse gameplay putting you in the shoes of a starfleet commander, required to do more than just risk his – or her – neck in close combat encounters. Test your diplomacy skills and micromanage your crew, assigning the right men to the right posts, and even – gasp! – occasionally delegate.

Reach for the stars. Explore uncharted sectors, land on unknown planets, navigate the treacherous demilitarized zone, take direct control of your starship during space skirmishes!

– Create your own character and lead him – or her – through one hell of an adventure. The story features episodes where you control other characters as well, who survive or die depending on your skills and decisions.

Enjoy a simple, but elegant presentation in a 2d painted style with a popup-based interactive mini-game system and motion comic cutscenes.

Get fueled by an epic soundtrack composed by’s Kaneda, inspired by the music of the Mass Effect series, Stargate Universe, StarCraft, MDK2 and the works of Frank Klepacki, Kevin Manthei and Tangerine Dream. You can actually buy the incomplete soundtrack from the game even now, supporting StarSignal’s development.