Marauder Shields: Episode 41

"Born From Chaos"

The 41st episode of the Marauder Shields comic. In this one… We kick off the second half of our series with a new Nihlus episode, as those born from chaos refuse to accept their fate.

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Story / Art: Koobismo
Editor: AdoreeLyssa
Codex co-author: AssaultSloth
Additional graphical help: JeffDaniel, Kaze & Oyee support: Signo Vir
General support: Bombeletta
Dedicated to: our awesome community!


The Mass Effect universe, its design and characters are owned by BioWare/EA Productions. This is a work of parody and fan-fiction, created under the terms of fair use. Special thanks to BioWare for creating the world we all love and care for!



2013-01-25 00:38:22

First off, hats off to the team. The website is looking great and a ton of interesting stuff.
The episode itself is great as well, nice to see some more familiar faces.

(I actually do wish i had a hat so that i could literally doff my hat off in appreciation)


2013-01-25 01:00:32


Amazing episode, i can;t wait to see what you guys do next.


2013-01-25 01:43:41

It’s an honor to be here today because this is history in the making.

Thanks for keeping the hope alive, for keeping Mass Effect alive.

Robert Paterson

2013-01-25 02:12:08

Robert Paterson

Mesmerising, fantastic, powerful… the emotional impact of watching all of this come together, old friends and allies coming together as one for the Commander. It’s all we ever wanted to see, all Bioware should have given us.. So thank you Koobismo, thank you and your team for 41 pages of awesome, we are eternally grateful.

tarek shamas

2013-01-25 03:07:56

wow, bravo good sir bravo

Daniel Martinez

2013-01-25 03:23:16


So, can the Rayya time-travel? That’d change the game a bit.

But seriously, way to go, Koobs. Great dialogue and codex text.


2013-01-25 03:30:46


Glad to be here! As always this episode is as brilliant as the last, the story so inspiring and well thought out.
Thankyou for staying the course and giving us fans something to feel proud to call a fitting ending to a much loved series.

Walter Hoye III

2013-01-25 03:58:12

Walter Hoye III

I’m honored to be here on the Day of Bissmo. Excellent work on everything you have up right now , and everything you will have up later.

My Name Is Walter Hoye III

And This Is MY Mass Effect

Der Erlenkonig

2013-01-25 04:00:59

Der Erlenkonig

Awesome to get a glimpse of TIM, and of Jacob not being useless. And Collectors? Collectors!? Eager to see where that goes! And now MS is a one-armed Reaper ass-kicker…. ’tis beautiful.

It’s trite at this point to complement how far Marauder Shields has gone, but I’m gonna do it anyway. Frakkin’ amazing job. Not just on this episode, but on the entire website, this entire community you’ve brought to life, this entire… entity you and your kickass team have so carefully molded. As far as I can tell, it’s a force of nature unlike any other in gaming right now.


2013-01-25 04:34:03


Firstly, the music for this episode is incredibly effective; it really stirs up feelings of grand action and purpose. I’m sure my amygdalae love it. Secondly, it’s always good to read Nihlus’ perspective. I consistently enjoy how he expresses the philosophical conflict between the reapers and us (I want to call us organic, new life, the product of the cycles, but to some degree all those terms describe the reapers as well) while being the physical embodiment of that conflict.

On a side note: the new site looks and feels great!


2013-01-25 05:05:02


First off, great job on the site. Y’all earned a few beers and a couple nights rest.
Second off…… HELL YEAH!

Alwin Tom

2013-01-25 05:05:37

Good job


2013-01-25 05:18:12


This was awesome. Not news, I know, but I had to say it. It was an excellent return to the story of Marauder Shields.

I am eagerly awaiting the next episode.

Tom Hoover

2013-01-25 05:42:24

Tom Hoover

Love the new entry and LOVE the new site! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

ghost in zshell

2013-01-25 06:50:42

ghost in zshell

Awesome, as always. Great idea and implementation.

Remember, kiddos: if you have a gun, do not come close to unarmed opponent with military training. Keep your distance if you don’t plan to end up beaten to half-death with some of your teeth AWOL and some limbs bent in unusual places.


2013-01-25 07:38:35



2013-01-25 07:40:30


When you show Jack, and have narration like “You are born from chaos. You are an ever-changing flame that burns and bites. A puzzle without a solution.”
Chills, damnit. CHILLS.

the music ended the moment i finished reading again. it’s haunting whenever that happens.

Lakatos Dávid

2013-01-25 08:13:55

Hell yes! Chaos theory against the reapers’ obsession with control. Hehehhee 🙂
In a non-linear equation, the smallest change in the beginning numbers will produce an entirely different and unforeseen outcome in the end. The thorian episode took a nice glance on the subject (“Chaos protects [life], chaos makes it strong…”) but this episode just nailed it. I love it.

I liked the codex part very much too. It would be great to get something like this from most characters.

One advice though, if you can make it possible: The audio player needs an option to loop the track.

Love the episode and the new site!


2013-01-25 11:39:24


One of my favourites! So powerful! :*

Max Liebetreu

2013-01-25 13:03:31

Crul Lovetroy

This is one of the best episodes yet, in my opinion 🙂 next to ‘reborn’ and ‘thermopylae’ – pure awesomeness. I like where the whole thing is headed. I am pretty sure I just figured out what the reapers are: and I like how you are obviously going to portray them, it’s extremely similar to what I imagined after having played through ME2. This thing is approaching the finale it deserves to get!

This website is awesome! Totally worth the wait!

Aaaaaand although I wasn’t a great fan of the kodex-entry-system, the last few episode haven proven me wrong. Joker’s letter to his family, Tali’s log – two of the most well-written pieces of literature amongst your work up-to-date 🙂

You’re awesome! The bottle has been opened. Cheers! We hold the line.

chris sims

2013-01-25 15:01:11

chris sims

Another cool epsiode; Nihlus is slowly climbing my favourite character list despite being in the games for such a short time. Of course one thing I must comment on is the Collector development. Slightly wary as I think Mass Effect 2 works best if they are all dead, oweing to the fact otherwise it seems slightly more like a side mission than a big achievement, but I trust your storytelling to give me reason to want to have the collectors die all over again 🙂

Mike Doyle

2013-01-25 16:19:25

Mike Doyle

wow. just wow. hands down amazing. great way to start off after the hiatus. i literally jumped out of my seat and fist pumped at the end. had to watch my room mate stair awkwardly for the next few minutes but it was worth it. great job!! keep it up!! so proud!!

Raymond Borin

2013-01-25 18:33:17

Love this episode. I was 98% sure that this would be another Shepard episode but a Nihlus episode is great too. Brilliant execution.

HOWEVER. I WILL say this: I’m *still* not 100% sure how I feel about the return of the Collectors. Yes, I know that you’re trying to incorporate the multiplayer lore as much as possible. It’s not the direction I’d have taken, but I have faith that you’ll make it work. My main problem is that it seems to make the plot of ME2 even more inconsequential than it already feels in the grand scheme of things. But again, I have faith as long as we don’t see any Volus Adepts running around :P.

Anikó Tóth

2013-01-25 19:32:05

Anikó Tóth



2013-01-25 21:24:15

So amazing! Every episode just gets better and better. And as always, I loved the codex entry. Sweet and funny, just like the Tali we all know and love. 🙂

As for the Collectors, I didn’t take issue with them–isn’t it canon that they functioned as the Reapers’ elite troops throughout the war? I recall they were mentioned in the codex.

    Raymond Borin

    2013-01-26 00:57:28

    Were they mentioned in the Codex? I don’t recall. I was always under the impression that they were only introduced for multiplayer purposes in the Retaliation pack and existed in that “grey” lore area between canon and non-canon. Again, my problem is that their presence in ME3 seems to make the plot of ME2 feel even more inconsequential. If we were gonna fight the Collectors anyway in ME3, why even bother to go on a SUICIDE MISSION to take them all out in ME2? The sense at the end of ME2 that you’ve just deprived the Reapers of a valuable weapon is gone.

    It’s just a minor gripe and I also understand that this decision was 98% Bioware and 2% Koobismo so it’s not something that bothers me in a huge way or anything. i just wanted to point it out for nitpicking’s sake.


      2013-01-26 04:40:34


      Actually, it’s both Single Player and Multiplayer based, since Collectors are confirmed to have been used during the Reaper War, on Earth and Palaven if I remember correctly. It is said that swarms of Collectors (note: not Seeker Swarms) are being used in the battle for Palaven. I don’t disagree with your point, but its just something Mass Effect 3 establishes by itself, and we… “Inherit”. 😉


        2013-01-26 05:26:55

        Truth. Plus, y’know, Collectors are rad. I just hope another Reaper takes over Harbinger’s possession duties. Tali, Liara, Garrus and Nihlus vs a Possessed Praetorian? Yes please.

Patrick UK-F

2013-01-26 00:29:27

Patrick UK-F

To resume all the comments of this piece of master work, we can say that reflects the deep soul that we imagine, a strong dream, swimming in the paths that we choose and we loved to see because we knew that are impregnated with the brightness of hope, we made the right choices, we united the impossible and we crossed the unthinkable and for that we are grateful koobismo.
In another way of understanding and expressing this, is mental-orgasmic. :3


2013-01-29 01:06:09


Marauder Shields himself, has always been the most silly part of the webcomic, even as the comic took a more serious and dedicated (to a plot) turn.

However, Shields is pretty much the fans, symbolically. And we’re…pretty silly and absurd, ourselves. God, look at Bioware fans from an objective lens, and we’re pretty insane.

But Shields is our hope, for the time being. Looking forward to the next DLC, for sure 😉


    2013-01-29 01:51:19


    Can’t say I agree about us being insane. 😉
    Any predictions about the DLC?


      2013-01-29 03:21:49


      I’ve recently said that if we get any form of ‘reveal’ DLC (assuming a non-‘reductionist’ view), it’ll:
      -not have specific stories like your Jack and Jacob, as that’s all you
      -reveal the Crucible as a trap
      -have all the allied forces work together to do something to drive the Reapers off of Earth ( doesn’t look like the Reapers are just landing… but instead crashing)

      Essentially, a bridging DLC may turn the harvest into a war, which we’ll see the more steady paces of in ME4 (as a new trilogy with new protagonist).


      2013-01-29 04:21:14


      I’m insane.

Stargazer M

2013-02-08 06:45:28

Stargazer M

Hope is alive! I never imagined I could be so pleased with anything related to Mass Effect 3’s ending. The witty writing and meticulous detail in this comic is in spot-on character and captures the essence of the Mass Effect universe flawlessly. The comic art is just breath-taking and of professional quality. The choice of soundtrack, hand selected to each strip, compliments the action and mood of the storyline perfectly. Also, kudos to the voice of Admiral Hackett and Jacob, they’re doing a fantastic job.

My only qualm might come from your portrayal of Shepard being slightly biased towards a male Shepard. I hope you find a way to show a little love for all the FemSheps out there, myself included.

As far as the upcoming DLC goes, despite the Puzzle theorists’ optimism, I doubt it will give fans the satisfaction we’ve been perpetually denied. I can’t say that I have been impressed by Casey Hudson or any of BioWare’s attempts to address their shoddy M Night Shyamalan twist ending, particularly in their stubborn refusal to accept the fact that their ending was just an utter and undeniable disappointment.

But I am happy to say that I am impressed by you and the efforts of your team to give the Mass Effect series the send off it truly deserves. I love how it started out as a playful parody and evolved into something more. This is simply beautiful, emotional, thoughtful, and lingers in a wonderful way that the original failed to achieve. Your art, in the many mediums you master it, is the best and brightest example I’ve seen of anyone retaking Mass Effect.

I look forward to the next episode in the Marauder Shields saga, and to all your subsequent creations in the future.



2013-02-13 03:20:56


Excellent as usual, and the layout for the new site is nice. I really like how the soundtrack suggestion is imbedded.

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