The disappointing disappearing act of Koobismo the Jolly

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  • September 7, 2013

As those of you who have been following Marauder Shields for a while know, I have a tendency to vanish every now and then, a few days – sometimes weeks – at a time. My whole vanishing act isn’t about practicing arcane arts, mind you, nor is it about being fed up with what I do around here… On the contrary, running Marauder Shields and interacting with you wonderful people is actually a definite highlight on my “things that keep me sane” list.

What sparks my absences, however, are sudden spikes of difficulty in upkeeping a third branch of my life. There’s the professional branch, which allows me to put food on my table; the personal one, in which I snuggle while watching Kirk gunpowdering the hell out of a gorn; and this one, the Koobismo one, in which I dress up as a horse and throw slices of salami at the screen until a new comic is formed. Have you ever wondered why some of my art is oversaturated to oblivion? Second-hand salami, man.

Alas, salami jokes aside, it’s time to sing the old and familiar song. Life has been sighted on the horizon and murmurs of discontent can be heard among the cells of my body. What is Life‘s game plan here? Will it strike fiercely, or just slap me around to remind me that I’m it’s bearded bitch? How long will Life stay with us? Will it terrorize Tokyo? SHOULD WE BE AFRAID AND GIVE OTHERS MORE POWER OVER OUR LIVES JUST TO BE SURE?!

I’ve been nearly dead-silent for a week now, aside from the occasional “hi there” on our IRC channel, and I’ve barely squeezed any time into either MS Episode 52 or Safehaven. I’ve barely squeezed anything into any other thing, truth be told, as the orange versus lemons conundru–

I’m not sure where I was going with that, so let’s just skip to the point: haven’t been around much and such state of under-representation might continue for the next 7 to 14 days. I’m extremely sorry for that and expect your automatic forgiveness on the basis of me being so goddamn good looking in my Manowar pyjamas. Plus, once I take care of the stuff I need to take care of: more Marauder Shields!

(“Yaaaay!” said that one guy in the last row. Oh, those Nihlusmancers…)

Anyhow, this announcement does not mean that I won’t be hanging around during those one-two weeks of declared State of Life – just that my presence shall be a bit on the lighter side, and that the next episode will surely be late. I promised myself that sometime in the future I will attempt to merge two of my life-branches into one, making sure that content will be delivered to you at a much better pace and avoiding these incidents… But it is not yet the time. Nor will it be for a while, all things considered – prices of salami seem to be skyrocketing around here.

Thanks for being here and thank you for your patience and understanding. See you when I come up for air. Which, all things considered, will happen rather soon.


P.S. A special nod to Chrissie, who was the first one to discover the possible connection between Jacob and Bailey (based on the little hints thrown around in the last comic). Here’s a special puzzler for ya’: back in Episode 22 Banshee-pudu Saja mentions she lost her helmet. Have we seen it resurface somewhere else in Marauder Shields? If so – where?



2013-09-07 02:39:16


No worries Koobs. Besides, waiting for your uploads is just a tutorial level in the game “Awaiting the Release of Star Citizen”.


    2013-09-07 08:20:53


    Star Citizen, huh? You should probably talk to Signo. 😉 He’s our resident SC Awaiter. 😉

Greenvale SR2

2013-09-07 13:41:09

Greenvale SR2

Take all the time you need Koobs. As for Saja’s helmet, isn’t that in Issue 19, panel 6 by Jack’s feet? I’ve notced the Eclipse Merc helmet there before, just hadn’t made the connection before now. I loved its inclusion as an indication that the Mercs Shepard acquired are actually there and for acknowledging that the world created in ME2 actually did exist, which ME3 did its best to forget. 🙂


2013-09-08 03:37:50


Take your time, good sir.

P.S. Interesting “never alone” link between Jacob and Bailey. I don’t think it’s as much of a “link” as it is a motif in the comic.
Did that sound good?


2013-09-09 23:21:22


Could be a lot worse Koobs. . . you could be living my life this year. Every time I get ready to relaunch back in to the world of Koobismo I get hit hard. One of these days man. . . one of these days I’ll win life and be fully engaged again.

Miss you all!

Mihai Radu

2013-09-13 19:20:19

Mihai Radu


I vote to give supreme power to Chancellor Palpatine. He seems like a swell chap.

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